Vinyl Wristband with Print

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BE ADVISED : When you choose custom print. We control font sizes. Printing space is up to 5 or 6 inches
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$62.00 Per Box of 500 Vinyl Wristband with Print.  many Style prints to choose from. Now offering Per Box of 100 Vinyl Wristbands.

These bands make it easier for you to choose something we already have on file, that is perfect for any event you may be having!

Vinyl Wristbands with print
500 per BOX $62.00
Plastic Snap colors vary
Pick your Style** Print included in price
72 hour turn around time for these wristbands
YOU CAN NOT CHOOSE FONT or how its laid out on the band** these are plates we have on file**
The over 21 Drink Resp plate has a beer mug and glass on it.