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Black Hologram Plastic Wristbands


These Flashy Hologram Wristbands come in boxes of 100 and 500. Hologram Plastic wristbands are perfect for catching eyes! These are usually purchased for outdoor or upscale events. They can make your event a little more exciting and branded with having your own logo and text printed on them.

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BE ADVISED : Custom Print for Vinyl, Plastic, Cloth and Silicone are not available online. Send us the product and information on printing so we can send you a quote, include your logo or text printing instructions. Please email us at Extra Fees Apply. Custom printing on these wristband products can take 7 to 10 business days plus shipping.

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Custom Print must be emailed to

All solid color plastic and vinyl wristbands are available for custom printing (not online)
Printing Fees
Print One Time Plate Fee $79.00
$15.99 Per Box Print
and $15.00 Customer Service/Proof Fee