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Trendy Event Security Wristbands


Tyvek® Trendy wristbands.

Trendy offers a huge selection of wristbands for your events. Our Tyvek® and vinyl bands are an economical way of tracking your event attendees as well as enhance your security. With a large variety of colors and selections choosing the correct wristband for your event has never been easier. Trendywristbands provides different levels of security for your wristbands.

Tyvek® -  is an option of paper Fiberband® that is water resistant, can be customizable and has fast turnaround. With over 23 vibrant color options the color combinations are endless. With Tyvek® we also carry Design Standard and Fiberband® wristbands. Mix and match the options to keep your event secure not only for short term but also long term events.

Vinyl and Plastic  - Are  the higher security snap closure wristbands. Virtually waterproof never sweat your admissions wristbands with the high quality durable wristbands. With customization as an option, add even more security to any event. Great for water parks, cruises, pool parties, Music festivals, art festivals, carnivals, spring break, camps and  for long term events.