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VIP - Very Important People

VIP. That's a term we all know. It means very important people. Every event should have very important people. Now as an event holder, just about everyone is an important person because they are paying customers and you want them to actually like your event so that they are willing to come again. Hosting great events builds credibility for future events and expands your growth for them as well. However, if your event is missing out on a VIP option or section, then you and your guests are missing out.      The benefits of having a VIP section and...

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Is Summer Over Already?

Is Summer Over Already? Summer of 2020 begins on June 20th but for many people it already feels like it's over. Many summer camps have made the decision to close due to COVID-19. Some are closing just for the first and/or second session of Summer but some are closing for the entire summer. For so many kids that’s a huge disappointment and a huge change. But it might not be all bad news. Some summer camps have offered an alternative since they will be closed - Virtual Camping.    Virtual camping is a way that you can still participate in...

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Coping with COVID-19

As everything begins to slowly reopen we all understand how difficult it can be. As much as we’d all like things to be normal again, many of us aren’t even sure what that looks like anymore. Face masks are required to be worn everywhere, hours of operations have all changed and many events and programs for the summer have been cancelled. So how do we get back to normal? How do we cope with the changes that COVID has left behind? Listen, we here at Trendy Wristbands totally understand what you’re going through and we want to help in any...

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COVID-19 Wristbands Are Here!

So if you're in the healthcare business, we've got some good news amidst all that is currently going on. Just for you, we've introduced COVID-19 bands to our inventory! These bands come pre-printed with months of the year at the top of the band and the days of the month at the bottom of the band with COVID-19 Pre-Screened to the side. These are perfect for keeping track of those patients coming and out of your facilities during these hectic times.  They come in up to 19 different colors for you to choose from. In addition, if you need to...

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Free. Free, Free, Free!

While we may not be turbo tax and can't offering everything you need for free can offer you one thing! Free Shipping!    Trendy Wristbands is offering Free Shipping on all orders over of $49 or more. Whether you are ordering regularly priced items or items on sale, it's all included for free shipping. We understand that costs can get high for the needs of your event and we want to do what we can to help.    Once you have your total order in your cart, simply proceed to check out and as long as your total is over...

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