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Wristbands - ID- Conventions!

Most conventions last 1 to 3 days. Our Vinyl wristbands are perfect for these events. WE also carry raffle tickets and thermal tickets that can be customized for your venue. You can always order online or email orders@trendywristbands.com or call 888-746-8882 so we can help you with your order.

Vinyl and Plastic Wristbands

These wristbands are used for all applications in which a visual means of identification is needed, our quality wristbands are comfortable and durable for extended wear. The non-reusable locking plastic snaps discourages transfer and increases security.
Trendy Wristbands has many colors choose from between our regular Vinyl and Translucent Wristbands.

Plastic Wristbands For Events

Tyvek Wristbands

Our Tyvek® bands are the perfect method of identifying your paying customers. Tyvek Wristbands or Fiberbands® can be used for nightclubs, crowd control, hip hop niteclubs, bars, hotels, restaurants, schools, day care centers, tour groups,crowd management, special privileges, catering, age ID, height restrictions, and any application where a visual means of identification is needed. Made of strong, waterproof, lightweight Tyvek®, wristbands comfortably adjust to any size and are easily applied to the wrist with an adhesive strip

Tyvek Wristbands For Sale