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3/4 Paper Tyvek Design Wristbands

Our 3/4 inch tyvek wristbands, come in different designs and colors. Please go to our website for updated wristband designs.
Below are some examples of of 3/4 tyvek design styles to choose from.

 Please note for security reasons when using our wristbands we do change the tone of our colors from time to time. Customization is also available on most of our designs.


Paper Tyvek Wristbands


Wristbands with Designs
  Pride Wristbands for Events!

 Prevent fraud by using wristbands with designs. Excellent for short term (one time)  use. 

Just peel off the tab to expose the adhesive pad. Wrap the wristband around your patron and secure. Really easy. Really quick. It's a simple, inexpensive way to identify special guests, such as VIP guests, or just show that someone has already paid to get in. There are hundreds of uses!

Our wristbands are tear, stretch and water resistant.

One size fits all.