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Wristbands for Party Planners

Party wristbands these are awesome for any event you have. You can custom print on tyvek, and Vinyl wristbands. We have the widest variety of custom wristbands and options to choose from.
Wrist tickets that are worn by your guests are great for admission, crowd control, drinking age verification, concerts, amusement parks, conventions, schools, corporate parties, birthday bashes, weddings and more. You name the party and we have the wristband for you. See some tyvek wristbands below.

Wristbands can help prevent party crashers because they have security features that make them non-transferable so people can't hand them off to another person.
Plastic wristbands provide the highest level of security. They have a locking snap and are so strong that they have to be removed with scissors. Wristbands are great for party planners. Custom print is available.
For a less expensive, short-term alternative, Tyvek® wristbands can be used. They have a strong adhesive closure with "tamper cuts."
If a person tries to remove the Tyvek wristband,it shreds at the adhesive area to prevent transferring the band to someone else.


For outside event look into our Tabless Tyvek band. Its litter free and your clients will love it for outside events. This product comes in 3/4 and 1 inch size Tyvek.

Litter Free Tabless Wristbands for outside events.

Efficient crowd management: Numbered wristbands help in organizing and managing large crowds. By assigning a unique number to each attendee, you can easily track and control entry, access to specific areas, or participation in different activities within your event. It streamlines the process and reduces confusion.Solid Color Paper Wristbands

Tyvek Wrisband Designs

Cloth wristbands are another great option for your event. It has two types of snaps. One time and and reusable.

custom print on our cloth wristbands.

VIP events.
All access wristbandsBack Stage wristbands

Staff WristbandsOver 21 wristbands



Paper or Plastic? a question you hear quiet often during your many  trips to the supermarket :-). However did you ever think to compare the Two major types of Wristbands? Tyvek® or Vinyl, which of these two types of armbands  will suit you for your  event or venue. Lets start first by discovering each type  band, Tyvek® is a brand of flash spun high-density polyethylene fibers, a synthetic material (the name is a registered trademark of DuPont). In other words  Tyvek® is a tough, water resistant fiber band material that is self adhesive. When applied with the correct technique and ink it then becomes our most famous product the Tyvek wristband
Vinyl on the other hand  is a double ply sturdy wristband composed of Synthetic resin or plastic that has snap closure. Which makes vinyl a more durable, resistant band. Now the question that we want to address today is

Wristband Differences

whether Tyvek® or Vinyl would be the better match  for you or your event. Below is a Van-diagram of the properties and  instances in which you can use Tyvek or Vinyl armbands.

As you can see  Tyvek® wristbands are made for those one night events, that typically are needed ASAP. Vinyl  is the higher security  tougher wristband that is perfect for those rugged or even High class venues. Printing on the Vinyl arm bands and Cloth wristbands take approximately 7-10 business days, as opposed to the Tyvek's 24 hour turn around time. Not to mention Tyvek Wristbands are Water Resistant , and Vinyl is Water Proof.  So before you make your decision  determining which wristbands are right for you consider these following questions:

  1. Where is the event being held?
  2. Am I going to get the wristbands printed?
  3. When do I need the wristbands for?
  4. How long will the armbands be worn for?
  5. Will the client becoming in contact with Water for a long period of time?
  6. Am I on a tight Budget?

How To Use Our Tyvek Wristbands

If you are working with concert events, check out our thermal tickets. Great for security and it will not hurt your pocket book.