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About Wristbands

Trendy Wristbands specializes in wristbands such as Tyvek, Vinyl, Plastic, Cloth and silicone bands.  Our exclusive selections of wristbands are products that were custom made to satisfy a large demographic of clients.

Call us to learn about our RFID wristband technology. RFID is used in various industries, including events, luxury hotels and resorts, hospitality, healthcare, and access control systems. 

Our fast turn around times beats the competition.

Some of our competitors put there name and phone # on the wristbands. We do not do advertise our company on your wristband for security reasons.

Trendy Wristbands has been selling online since for 20 years. We have been helping companies with there event and security needs and much more.

Trendy wristbands can now offer you lanyards, key chains, custom tickets.

 You can always emails us at orders@trendywristbands.com or call us at 888-746-8882 to discuss your event.

Some more ideas and information below about wristbands.

  1. Customization and Personalization: Wristbands became a way for individuals to express their unique style by customizing them with personal messages, colors, and symbols.

  2. Technology Integration: With the rise of wearable technology, wristbands incorporated features like fitness tracking, smart notifications, and even contactless payment options.

  3. Sustainable Materials: The growing awareness of environmental issues led to a trend in using eco-friendly and sustainable materials for wristbands. Recycled or biodegradable materials became more popular.

  4. Stacking and Layering: Wearing multiple wristbands together, often in varying sizes and materials, became a fashionable way to create a stacked and layered look.

  5. Charity and Cause-Related Wristbands: Wristbands have been widely used to support various causes and charities. Different colors and symbols are often associated with specific awareness campaigns.

  6. Minimalistic Designs: Simple and minimalistic wristband designs gained popularity, with emphasis on clean lines and subtle detailing.

  7. Metallic Finishes: Metallic and shiny finishes, including gold and silver, were in vogue for those looking to add a touch of glam to their wristwear.

  8. Athleisure Influence: Sporty and athleisure styles influenced wristband trends, with the use of performance materials and designs suitable for both casual and active wear.

  9. Cultural and Artistic Influences: Wristbands often reflected cultural and artistic influences, incorporating patterns, symbols, and designs inspired by various art forms and traditions.

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