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Is Summer Over Already?

Is Summer Over Already?

Summer of 2020 begins on June 20th but for many people it already feels like it's over. Many summer camps have made the decision to close due to COVID-19. Some are closing just for the first and/or second session of Summer but some are closing for the entire summer. For so many kids that’s a huge disappointment and a huge change. But it might not be all bad news. Some summer camps have offered an alternative since they will be closed - Virtual Camping. 


Virtual camping is a way that you can still participate in many of the camping activities at day or night camps via the internet. I think it’s a great idea that some camps have chosen to do this as a way to keep the kids connected. The only difference is the outdoor activities. I’m hoping that with these virtual camps they have implemented some type of outdoors activities and to-do’s so that the kids still feel challenged and want to stay physical. Either way I do think it’s a great alternative for those camps that have chosen to remain closed. 


But it’s not just summer camps that are closed for the summer. Many events for the summer have been either postponed or cancelled altogether. Both personal events like weddings, barbecues, graduations as well as public events like parades, bar crawls and summer parties have been changed. For events like these, they’re aren’t many alternatives. Cleverly enough things like graduation parties, baby showers and birthday parties have been converted to drive through events. People are now having drive through baby showers and drive through graduation parties where family and friends can show their support while still safely in their vehicles 6 feet away. Again, I think this is another great alternative to help support and celebrate our loved ones. As for parties, concerts, parades, etc, there’s been talk about different ways to do things but nothing is set in stone yet so it will be interesting to see what happens in the near future. We might be attending concerts in cars. Who knows?


However, if you are one of those summer camps that have chosen to stay open or you are one of those places that are still having their event, we are here when you need us. Trendy Wristbands is still here and ready to supply you with all of your needs for wristbands, tickets and lime heads for your events. Right now we are having a blow out sale with select products as low as $2.99 and free shipping on orders of $49 or more! You can check out the selection here. So if your summer hasn’t been cancelled, place your order today to get all that you need just in time for your event!

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