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American Flag Wristbands - Celebrate Your Freedom in Style!

Summer is in and Fourth of July is right around the corner. This is a time to celebrate our happiness, independence and freedom. And this year we're celebrating a new kind of freedom. Freedom from quarantine. How will you celebrate this year? A simple barbecue, parade or party at the beach? Are you ready for your Independence Day event? If not, we've got you covered! Below is a list of the variety of American flag and Independence Day wristbands we offer that are perfect for any event you have in mind. Check them out below. 


American Flag Wavy Plastic Wristband - These wristbands were designed with a little bit of flare in mind. Printed on this crisp white band is a wavy American flag. This band is the perfect band for your event by showing your pride, ensuring durability and security with it's snap closure.


American Flag Plastic Wristband - This full printed American flag wristband comes with the durability of plastic material and the security of a snap closure. This band can be custom printed on and production is generally 10-15 business days so order now to ensure you get it time for your event. 




American Flag Plastic Wristband 2  - This full color printed American Flag wristband comes in a slightly brighter red and blue version of the American flag. It has the same durability and security as all of our plastic wristbands. However, this band cannot be custom printed on. 



So there you have it. We have any style band perfect for just about any event you are having. Don't hesitate or wait too long to order because Fourth of the July is just around the corner. Order them now and get the first thing done on your event supply list!


Have any questions? We're here to assist you with anything you may need Monday to Friday 9-5pm. You can reach us via email at or give us a call at 954-571-5197.