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Mardi Gras Wristbands

We all know that when it comes to a good party there isn't one like Mardi Gras. Not only is there great drinks, food and music but there's also great people. It's a huge celebrate that brings people together to have fun and just celebrate life. So when you Mardi Gras, you want to Mardi Gras right and we have the perfect wristbands to help you do just that. 



Here at Trendy Wristbands we not only have stock printed Mardi Gras wristbands but we also offer Mardi Gras beads and the perfect shade of green for you to pick from. Our full color Mardi Gras wristbands come with two different design options and have great visual appeal to add spice and security to your event. 



We also offer Metallic Mardi Gras wristbands available in 6 different colors printed with Mardi Gras face masks and designs in black ink. These wristbands too add flair to any party with the shimmer of the metallic foil texture of the bands. Or if you'd like, you can choose from our selection of green wristbands and add your own text, logo or design to personalized your events. As always don't forget we offer free shipping on order of $49 or more and if you have any questions feel free to email us directly at