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Pride Rainbow Wristbands

Trendy Wristbands now offers Pride Rainbow Wristbands! Now you can celebrate pride day in style with different styles of bands. Whether you're going to a party, parade or having your own intimate event, we offer wristbands that can be used for any need that you might have. And the best art is, some of the wristbands can be personally customized and branded for your specific event with logo logo or text. Take a look at the variety of wristbands we have to offer. 


Pride Rainbow Tyvek Wristbands (Offered in 3/4" 1") - These wristbands are the most cost effective wristbands for any party or parade. They are offered in boxes of 100 and 500 and can be personally customized with your logo or text. These bands are one time use bands and are 10" long. They are the perfect paper bands that can provide the security and durability for your event. 


Pride Rainbow Silicone Wristbands - Our Pride Rainbow silicone wristbands are truly one of a kind Because of this they're limited edition and limited quantity. These wristbands are perfect for intimate or small events as well as large events. Since they are silicone material they are more than durable for the attendees at your event and they can be used for a multi-day event. They also serve as perfect momentos and party favors for those memorable moments in your like you'd like to share with your loved ones. 



Pride Rainbow Cloth Wristbands - Our cloth pride rainbow wristbands are the fanciest yet that we have to offer. The soft fabric with snap closure make them perfect for any type of event from an elegant dinner to a concert. However, because of the snap closure, these wristbands are for one time use only and these bands are not available for customization. 



So there you have it! All of the types of Pride Rainbow Wristbands we have to fit any of your event needs. Order now to prevent delays and ensure you get them in time. Production for most production is generally 24-48 and if you have any question feel free to email us at