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Spring Break Wristbands for Security.

Spring Break 2018 is approaching quickly. Many college students plan to travel during this time of year to some of the hottest destinations around the world. Spring break is a time for exploring new places, relaxing, and of course soaking up the sun during the day and going out on the town at night.

According to the TSA 65.1 million people are expected to travel during March which marks the beginning of spring break. Wristbands for Security for Spring break Venues.

Here are some popular places just to name a few:

Panama City Beach, FL (Spring Break Capital of the World)

Miami, FL

Cancun, Mexico

Las Vegas, NV

Negril, Jamaica

Austin, TX

South Padre Island, TX

New Orleans, LA

Las Vegas, NV

In the nightlife atmosphere it can tend to get chaotic during this time of year. It seems like the whole entire city is out having fun or looking for a place to dance and have the time of their lives.

When it comes to going to a special event, weather is a bar, a club or a fancy hotel, patrons demand maximum security for their events. Their security guards concentrate on monitoring every single person for age verification, crowd control and maintaining order at their parties. Spring Break usually last a week and many places would have events for two or three days in a row.

Our Custom Printed Vinyl Wristbands: These particular wristbands can be customized with not just the name of your establishment but also with your custom logo or special design. These wristbands will prevent counterfeiters from trying to enter your venue if they are under age, trying to re-enter your venue and prevent attempting to reuse their wristbands. Changing wristband color and imprint will prevent counterfeiters from sneaking in your venue and prevent reuse from a previous night.

Snap Wristbands have more of a high security feature for checking for age verification, access control, VIP, staff, and general admission. It cannot be transferred on to another person as the snaps on the wristbands are unbreakable, once on your wrist the snap must be cut, ensuring that no one could use the same snap band.

Custom Tyvek wristbands are inexpensive and can be custom designed to your desire. These are available in three different sizes, ½, ¾, and 1 inch. They also come with sequential numbering. These wristbands are tamper-proof and water resistant. We have a variety of colors/designs to choose from.

Wristbands for events

Wristbands are great for admission, crowd control, drinking age verification, concerts, amusement parks, conventions, schools, corporate parties, birthday bashes, weddings and more. You name the party and we have the wristband for you.

Overall we do recommend using Spring Break Wristbands to have a successful and hassle free event.





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