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The Many Styles of Vinyl

Vinyl Wristbands are the perfect band for any event that will require added security you need. Our vinyl wristbands are not only durable but they are also comfortable and come with plastic snap closures to prevent transferable use. 

The great thing about vinyl wristbands is that they come in many different styles. The first is the solid color vinyl wristbands. These come in a variety of colors with white backing.

Translucent vinyl wristbands are see through bands and they usually don't come with any backing. They have more of a clear look but do come with the same plastic snap closures.


Wide vinyl wristbands are bands that have a wide opening of about 1-1/4"  however the rest of the band is is regular width. These bands are great if you want to add a sense of flash to your bands. They will come with a white backing and the same plastic snap closures. 



And lastly, there's the tabbed vinyl wristbands.We offer tabbed vinyl wristbands with 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, and 10 tabs. Below are examples of what the 3 tab vinyl look like. These bands are great for events that occur over more than one day and the visitors will be returning. Or if there are multiple things happening at one event, each tab can indicate whether or not the visitor has participated in said events. These bands can be printed on as well as the tabs so you can get them numbered or printed with a specific text of your choice for added security. 



Need printing? Not a problem! Custom printing can be done on all types of vinyl wristbands. Send us your artwork and the type of vinyl it printed on to and we would be happy to create a quote for you. Quotes for vinyl printing can only be done via email. Production time for vinyl printing is generally 10-15 business days after approval of the artwork and then it is shipped. 


Have questions or need additional assistance? Feel free to contact us via email or reach us by phone at 954-571-5197. 


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