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Wristband Types For Your Events!

Wristbands are used for many various purposes. They are used for entry, identification as well as promotional purposes plus more. Here at Trendy Wristbands, we offer many varieties of wristband products available for your needs.

Tyvek wristbands, which are our paper wristbands come in three different sizes- ½”, ¾” and 1.” They contain a six-digit customized serial code located at the adhesive. The fiberband which comes in the ¾” and 1” wristband doesn’t contain a straight line at the adhesive part of the wristband which adds another layer of security. Also, there is a uv invisible ink symbol which makes it harder for the wristband to be duplicated. The uv designs get change out often so that applies another layer of security as well. We have a standard wristband in the ¾” size which is a thinner paper but still has the custom serial numbers on the adhesive.

VIP Vinyl Wristbands
VIP Vinyl Wristbands


In general, the paper wristbands would be good for entry purposes to an event or to a nightclub/bar for one night only. Also, these wristbands are water resistant, not waterproof. For the Tyvek wristbands, there is 5.5” of printable space available. We can print these the same day if the order is placed before 1:30pm est.

Vinyl and plastic wristbands would be two good options for certain venues which host events and activities near the beach and pool. The difference between vinyl and plastic wristbands is that the plastic material is thinner than the vinyl material. These wristbands come in quantities of 500 and have a non-removable snap feature which makes it more secure.


We do offer custom printing for both the vinyl and plastic wristbands. There is 3.5 inches of printable space available and we can print text and logos for the customer. Please allow 10–12 business days for production time. If you need these done sooner for your event, we can get them done sooner for you but there will be additional fees that will apply.

Cloth wristbands would also be a good option for marketing purposes as well as cute little souvenirs. They can be customized as well. The minimum quantity to order for this product is 150 wristbands. We have various types of cloth wristbands such as sublimation which has a smooth texture and which is able to print full-color logos, woven cloth which is a woven wristband and the customer will be able to choose up to eight different colors, and spandex cloth which is less secure than the other options because there are no clips and just has a tied closure and can be reusable.

Cloth Wristbands

Silicone wristbands would be another good wristband option for a festival on the beach or an event that will last multiple days. We do offer custom printing on this product and there is no limit to printable space. The minimum quantity for this product is 150 wristbands. We can print on both sides of the wristband. There are three different printing styles available such as imprinted which is artwork printed right on the band, embossed which is the artwork raised on the band and debossed which is the artwork printed into the band. Please let us know which artwork style works best for your event.

Silicone Wristbands

For both cloth and silicone, production time for these wristbands is 15 to 20 business days. If you need the wristbands in a hurry for your event and the production time is too long for you, we do have blank stock wristbands available in both products. We look forward to working with you with your future wristband needs.

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