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Fall Wristbands

Autumn also is known as Fall is a fun time of year. Autumn typically starts September 21st and ends December 21st in the northern hemisphere. The leaves change color and fall to the ground. Children of all ages love playing in them. Also during this time of year, farms grow their produce. In the northeastern region of the United States, there are strawberry farms, pumpkin patches as well as wineries. (Wikipedia-Fall)


Fall Tyvek WristbandsWe have different varieties of wristbands available. Fall Time wristbands would be great for entry purposes for carnivals, festivals, and other holiday-related events. There is a variety of pre-printed design wristbands available. These would be a good option for festival wristbands. They are more secure and will not be able to be duplicated due to the distinct design printed on them. This wristband option would be a good option to avoid trespassers into your event. They come in quantities of 100 and 500 per box. We do offer custom printing on these as well.

Custom Tyvek Wristbands

Custom Tyvek wristbands would be a good product choice for different fall events. We have Leaves Wristbands which are available in Tyvek. They contain a 6 digit customized serial code located at the adhesive. These wristbands are solid Tyvek wristbands with a black leaves imprint printed on them. Bars or nightclubs may host fall-themed events and they will need wristbands for admission purposes as well as underage drinkers. We will be able to add custom text to these wristbands as well. We also offer another Tyvek wristband product. Carnival wristbands are similar to the standard wristband. They have the 6 digits serial number at the adhesive but the difference is that they are 8” long instead of 10” long. These would be a good option for someone who has a smaller wrist. Also, you will be able to add your logo or custom text as well. There is 5.5” inches of printable space available. We do offer a fast turnaround time where if the order is placed before 1:30 pm EST, we can print and ship the same day. Please let us know if this product would be a good option for you!

Fall is a fun time of year when many different festive events take place. Wristbands could be used for entry purposes as well as specifying legal aged drinkers at a bar. From Halloween festivals to just a typical Friday night out, we can fulfill your wristband needs!

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