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Ghoulish Delights- Halloween Wristbands


Halloween. Where teenagers finally have a holiday to match their mood year-round, where kids finally have an excuse to eat candy without consequence, where parents have to explain to their kids what donating means. October is fun even for the dead... through November is for the dentists.

“It's Alive!!!”- Frankenstein

                For all the mad scientists who gather around the lab table to celebrate a time to be alive…  Nothing says welcome like Halloween party wristbands. A large selection of spooky designs preprinted on our Tyvek wristbands.


Halloween Wristbands


“Okay let's get this over with, no I'm not seasick, yes I've always been green, No I didn't eat grass as a child.” – Elphaba, Wicked

To all the witches who gather around the party kettle, Custom green wristbands to match your skin tone. If not… I hear green goes well with pink. Yes another wicked reference.


“If I were a zombie
I'd never eat your brain
I'd just want your heart” 
― Stephanie Mabey


Around this time of year, we have a little trouble with things coming back when they have already expired. You know with the dead trying to come back to haunt the living and stuff. If we can’t make sure these zombies stay dead, at least we can make sure they are accounted for with our zombie wristbands. I know a few people who would find these useful every day…


As schools get ready to throw a bash for their little monsters, safety is a priority. Distinguishing students from staff, staff from parents can get overwhelming. Age verified wristbands are a great way to identify who is a patron in your costumed parade. This also allows you to divide your guests into groups or sections. Perfect for haunted houses, food and beverages, and attractions.

                People are turning over their graves for our wristbands. It might be because our wristbands are the life of the party. So whether alive, dead or in between, you’re going to want to see it with your own eyes to know what we mean.


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