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Solid Color Wristbands Tyvek

Having an event or own a Night Club or bar, tyvek solid colored wristbands may be a great alternative for crowd control for you. Having one of the highest number of color options for wristbands is what we are known for. Solid Color Wristbands are wristbands that come in quantities of either 500 or 1000. They come sequentially numbered per box, in one single color per box.

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Trendy Wristbands has Fiberbands Tyvek with invisible icon or Standard and Foil Wristbands.


tyvek wristbands, we have 3 types for security


Our Solid Color Wristbands are made up of Tyvek® material. Tyvek® is adquired by DuPont® and manufactured here inside the United states.Tyvek® is a paper fiber band material that is great for those one night events. Solid Color wristbands were created to meet the needs and requests of our clients, with colors to match each theme they are perfect for all tastes.

tyvek paper wristbands


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Our Solid Color Wristbands comes in a Variety of 26 Different Colors and with more to Come. Those colors include Navy Blue, Neon Blue, Light Blue, Teal, Aqua, Forest Green, Neon Green, Mint Green, Lemon Lime, Highlighter yellow, Maroon, Tomato Red, Neon Red, Neon Orange, Yellow, Neon Purple, Neon Pink, Berry, Silver, Gold, Raspberry, White, Ivory, Black, Pumpkin, Mango with many more to Come.

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